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Be Aware About Various Roofing Types Used in Australia

Australia is a country, where roofing problems can occur quite often particularly if you are too careless about their proper maintenance. Therefore, in this article we shall discuss about various types of roofing that is preferred for roof for most of the homes in this country.

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What should you consider while choosing your roof?

You may be living in any parts of the Australia, but following few factors are very important while selecting your right material for roofing.

  • Your building style
  • Know about building codes about your area
  • What are the local requirements for roof?
  • What are the anatomy and underlayment of your roof?
  • What are your energy efficiency requirements?

Different roofing materials used

One of the most important things that you have to consider while replacing your existing roof of building or any new house, about what material to be used for the roofing. Following are few common choices that are preferred mostly in Australia.

      1. Metal roofs

In Australia most houses prefer for metal roofs, as metal is generally considered as environment friendly. You will find people go for silicon, zinc or aluminium as their roofing material.

Few more advanced type of metal roofing is also preferred by people in Australia and their coating is selected based on the local weather condition.

Painted coating which is polyester based is also popular in contemporary houses. By using a combination of aluminium and zinc, along with protective coating your roof can last for 100 years.

For making home more energy efficient, patented thermal technology is also used while coating the roof.

      2. Terracotta tile roofs

Terracotta tiles are natural clay product which people have been using for many years for protecting their home against various kinds of climates. In Australia too. Terracotta tiles are very popular roofing option.

However Terracotta may be little expensive option as compared to concrete tile which we will discuss next.

You can never beat Terracotta tiles due to their durability and also good looks. You can also get them in different colours and profiles. For energy efficiency too, Terracotta roof tiles can prove to be great choice.

Due to their natural density, it will help to even out fluctuation of temperature.

      3. Concrete tiles

With concrete tiles, your roofing may last for 50+ years. You can also find concrete tiles with the same profile like Terracotta which can always be an inexpensive option as compared to actual Terracotta.

You can also control the temperature within the room and also reduce consumption of energy by choosing the option of concrete tiles.

However, it is important to remember that concrete tiles, usually are more porous and may not have the similar lustre that you can get from real terracotta. Also, in due course of time, they may fade quickly as compared to terracotta tiles.

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