Home Improvement

Lighten up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the hardest-working room in the home. It’s also the place where memories are created over late-night popcorn or big Thanksgiving dinners. But since each family has a different way of cooking, unless you can afford a custom-made home, your current kitchen doesn’t work for your family. Either the work triangle is a geometric nightmare, or there is missing prep space which allows for two or more people to work in the room. When you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade your kitchen, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want the new kitchen to blend into the rest of the home, especially if you have a popular open floor plan layout. And while you want to create a timeless look to the room, you also want it to be clean and fresh, light and open, workable and inviting. One of the best ways to make your kitchen look larger, consider replacing your old and dark cabinets to modern white kitchen cabinets.

Beyond Color, What Type of Cabinet Works Best?

You want to buy pre-assembled cabinets that are built by a green builder, and manufactured in the United States. The finishes should combine the best casework, glides, and hinges to have a custom and quality cabinet. The cabinets should be built using European frameless construction, which translates into 15 percent more storage, which is always an issue in a kitchen. White cabinets can range in color from chalk to antique, eggshell to frosty ivory, so take your time to choose the right shade and pair your choice with a complementary countertop, backsplash, hardware, and light fixtures. Door styles range from slab or shaker style to glass inserts or open shelving. Consider the height of the upper cabinets. If space is an issue, consider using cabinets that reach the ceiling.

Who Should You Buy From?

There are a number of companies from which you can order your cabinets from, but choose carefully. You want to work with a company who has an on-line designer who can take your design ideas and translate that into a workable floor plan. They should offer a free estimate of your new kitchen design and be able to provide samples of your chosen cabinets. The company should offer pictures of some of their cabinets in finished kitchens for you to browse, and offer testimonials from satisfied customers. Make sure the cabinets are ready to install and the company should offer a transparent warranty to cover damages in transit or for any missing parts. These are a few things to think about when considering an upgrade to modern white kitchen cabinets

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