5 Common Cases for Family Lawyers

The federal law has 4 principal purposes, which are:

  • Establishing standards,
  • Maintaining order,
  • Resolving disputes,
  • And protecting liberties and rights.

While all law practitioners ensure that these principles are justly upheld, people give most credit to criminal and civil attorneys because of their spotlight roles in movies and TV shows.

There’s another group of legal experts who might not be as flashy as the people you see on the big screen but are equally as important: family lawyers. They focus on issues concerning the members of a domestic household, whether they’re children, parents, or spouses. To understand what these attorneys do, the following are some cases they handle.

Marriage Dissolution

Perhaps the most common case that a family lawyer in Mattoon, IL, handles is marriage dissolutions. These are submitted by spouses who are seeking a divorce, annulment, or legal separation. The legal professional will help the dissolving marriage partners come to an agreement on the distribution of debts and assets, as well as who gets the custody of their child.

Child Custody

If the separating couple can’t agree on who will get custody, the attorney can intervene. This way, a family court can judge who is the most fit to care for their kids. A decision is made on such factors as the parent’s health, income, as well as the child’s needs. In cases where both spouses don’t meet the court’s standards, a non-parent guardian can be granted custody.

Protection Order

When there’s domestic violence involved, the attorney can help file a protection order. This blocks the aggressor from interacting with the aggravated members and prevents any further physical and mental harm. If the person targeted by the order violates it, the family court can have them arrested.

Name Change

Adults and children who want to have their name changed can also seek the help of a family lawyer. While their service isn’t necessary, a professional can make the process go smoothly. The attorney will ensure that all the paperwork is completed to the court’s standards.


Family lawyers can determine a legal guardian for children or adults who can’t take care of themselves. The appointed person will be responsible for making final decisions on personal, financial, and medical matters. The attorney can also help terminate the guardianship on the family court.

These are some of the cases that family attorneys handle. If you think you need their service, don’t hesitate to call the best family lawyer in Mattoon IL.

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