Learn Some Interesting Movie Birthday Party Ideas

The movie party theme is perfect for kids that are mature for kid’s party games and have not reached their teenage. Not just the movie birthday party theme is interesting, but also requires less clean up. If you got bored of the typical party ideas, and want to try something distinctive and exciting, then try out this idea.

In this article, we have shared some fun ideas that you would surely like to know.

Choosing the right movie

The basic thing to host theater birthday parties is to select a nice movie. The movie you select should be appropriate to the age group of the invited kids. Also, it should have an appropriate rating so that the parents of the guests will approve.

There are various online and offline channels to find out the ratings for your movie. You can research on the commonly available film options. Pick the popular and latest releases to ensure that your invited guests have not seen it.

Check out the available party planning opportunities at the theatre

Once you have selected the movie for your birthday event, now the next thing is to decide on the venue for the party. It can be hosting a movie party at a theatre. You can rent an area in the theatre so that only you can access that area.

Being an expensive option, choose only if you have a lot of money to spend on the party. If there are other kids who have their birthdays falling close to your birth date, then you can finalize on one date to organize the event at the theatre. Celebrating your birthday with them and sharing the expenses, will become affordable for you.

Another way is to ask the theatre to reserve a few seats in the movie hall for your guests. Some theatre permits such reservations for birthday parties. They even provide discounts to the group on the movie tickets and meals that include small popcorn, small drink, and candy. It will definitely turn out to be a fun activity for kids.

Prepare an interesting movie birthday party invite:

An interesting birthday party invites sets the atmosphere for the party. You can find a lot of movie-themed party invitations at local and online stores. Such beautiful cards make the occasion more exciting. You need to fill the date, time and venue of the event on the cards so that parents can make arrangements well in advance to send their kid to the party.

Make arrangements for other important things for the party

Once the movie and venue are decided, party invites are sent, now it is the time to decide on the birthday cake. Choose the one those appeals to your kids. Cake celebration should happen before everyone leaves for the movie party. There are plenty of bakery stores that take cake orders over phone and online and deliver at the doorstep.


A movie birthday party theme is ideal for kids. All these tips will definitely help in making your birthday party celebration all the more memorable.

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