3 Tips to Consider with Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training has become mandatory in most states, forcing businesses to understand the requirements. While there are certain legal obligations, the sexual harassment training within a company shouldn’t stop there. There are ways that you can make your employees feel more comfortable and reduce the chances of an incident occurring. This will make your employees more productive and decrease the chances of a lawsuit against your business. Here are some important things you should consider in addition to the Illinois sexual harassment training requirements.

Emphasize Commitment

While you can make your employees go through sexual harassment training, you need to make it clear that you take it seriously. Otherwise, there will be no reason for those that might act inappropriately to think you’ll do anything about it. In addition to providing the necessary educational materials, you should speak to your employees and show them that you’re serious about it. If your employees know that you’re serious about sexual harassment, potential violators will be deterred from acting inappropriately and potential victims will feel safer in the workplace.

Make It a Part of the Company Culture

Rather than just being something that comes up every once and a while, the protection of your employees should be a part of the company culture. This will make acting appropriately second nature for your employees. Making clear that complying with the standards set by the company is mandatory will also allow you to attract employees that align with your business’ standards and values. This will ensure that you don’t have to deal with any potential problems down the road.

Encourage Witnesses to Step Forward

Sexual harassment isn’t just about appropriate behavior and victims’ rights, it’s also about witnesses coming forward. Someone that witnesses sexual harassment in the workplace might be timid to come forward as they might feel like they will be treated poorly for it. It’s important for the leaders of an organization to encourage people to come forward and for employees to treat those that do with respect. This will ensure that any inappropriate behavior is reported and that people feel safe working for your company.

The Illinois sexual harassment training requirements shouldn’t be the only reason you include sexual harassment training for your employees. These tips will ensure that every one of your employees feels comfortable in the workplace and that you avoid any legal situations resulting from harassment.

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