Nipple Piercing and The Intimate Jewellery

Nipple piercing could be a very brave decision for many of us. It is the ultimate expression of strength and boldness. The painful pleasure of getting your nipples pierced could be seriously amazing if you know all that you should know about it and then decide.


In this article, let me walk you through all the information that you should be aware of regarding this peculiar and brave expression of fashion, self-confidence and self-image. You should know exactly everything about Nipple Piercing before you can consider getting it done on your intimate part.


Material choice for your intimate jewellery


Okay, now that you have a desire for Nipple Piercing done on you, let me directly delve into the topic of the choices you have, so that you will be able to pick the best choice that works for you.


  • Titanium – Though there are a lot of choices when it comes to the material for your nipple jewellery, my personal best award goes to titanium. Titanium is an inert metal. This means that it does not react to any of the external factors easily. This quality of the metal makes it the best choice, not just for nipple rings but also for any of the body piercing jewellery.
  • PTFE, BioPlast or BioFlex – The PTFE, also called as the BioPlast or the BioFlex is a transparent or a translucent material that is flexible and soft. What is more important is that it is hypo-allergic. In the sense, it doesn’t cause any allergies.


These are the reasons why this material is ideal for Nipple jewellery. There are not much designs in this material but it is colourful, soft, beautiful and glowing adding a special charm to you.


  • Surgical stainless steel – This is the usual alloy, steel but with an extra medical benefit. This steel is called the surgical steel because it is clinical and doesn’t cause any allergies or problems. They are safe on your skin and helps your wound to heal faster.
  • Niobium – It is also one of the options available for your nipple jewellery. They are safe and stylish.
  • Gold – Gold is the most popular material for any jewellery, not just your nipple rings.


Now that you are aware of the body jewellery options to choose for your nipple piercing, if you are planning to get your nipple piercing done, kudos! It’s a big decision of boldness. Make sure to get yourself a titanium nipple jewellery. This is by and far the best, safe and non-allergic material option available in the market.


You can also buy such jewelleries online these days. There are many online stores. However, if you are expecting to have a wide variety of options to choose from and the trendiest collections, then you should go to the website PierceOff.


Their website is so well organised that you will have no problem in figuring out what you want. Only issue could be narrowing down from their enormous collection. So, why wait? Get bold and shop that body jewellery that you always wanted and enjoy!

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