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Few Beautiful Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room

In this short write up, we have shared about a few of the lighting ideas that you can use in your living room.

In addition to that, you can also use living room chandelier for decorating as well as lighting your house.

  1. Lighting your living room

Your living rooms need 3 types of lighting:

  • Ambient
  • Accent
  • Task

Ambient light will provide overall illumination, accent lights will highlight specific objects while task lighting will direct light to selected work zones.

  1. Robust assortment

A mixture of different kinds of lighting, which is placed at a different location in the room, that is essential to create proper living room’s lighting scheme.

  1. Two in one

While considering overhead (ambient) lighting, always it will be a great idea if you use 2 different kinds of lights. Pot lights can provide majority of light and hanging fixture will emphasize in seating area.

  1. Multiple fixtures

Usually, in a large room, single overhead fixture will not be enough, hence consider hanging multiple fixtures all throughout the room, and hang them on the grid rather than at random spots in the ceiling.

  1. Ceiling accent

Lighting all around the ceiling perimeter may provide accent light which will add elegance to the sophisticated space. While considering about ideas for living room lighting, think little out of the box.

  1. Consider an arc

You can create a central light source by using arc floor lamp. Usually, arcs on such types of lamps will be fairly high so that no one can bump when walking underneath.

  1. Scriptural sconces

Modern sconces in the living room are adjustable, that allows the user changing the size, and also where light is directed. Besides that, they also provide unique, sculptural element which sets modern tone for your space.

  1. Built-in accent

By including accent lights with built-in shelving can be a great way you can highlight special objects or accessories. Anyone coming in this room will be immediately drawn to lit up shelves.

  1. Visual balance

You can have visually balanced lighting by using a table lamp on your one side and floor lamp on your other side. This way anyone sitting on either side of sofa will get equal light.

  1. Mix and match

Your living rooms need plenty of different sources of light, but there is no rule saying that all must be matched. By mixing new and old is a great way to offer your room real character and personality.

  1. Statement fixture

If your living room is with high ceiling then it can be a bit difficult to decorate or light. To make most of the high ceiling, you may consider large central-fixture in take-notice style.

Key to such hanging fixtures in the rooms having high ceilings will be to ensure that they are sufficiently low so that one can feel like they are part of the room and you need not strain your neck for looking up and also see them.

  1. Maximize function and space 

You can combine a light fixture with a ceiling fan to maximize both space and function. Though ceiling fans are not as popular what they once were, however in warmer climates you will need them.

So, consider 2-in-1 options for maximizing space.

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