Custom Window Design Ideas for Your Next House Remodel

Have you been living in the same house for years? Do you feel like it badly needs a makeover? Whether you’re in a cool, vintage cottage or a modern, chic home, updating your windows might just be what you’re looking for. Keep reading for some style ideas.

Picture Windows

Would you enjoya sunbathed hallway or a cheery sunroom? Try picture windows.Theybrighten any room and give a more casual feel to any space.They can also be used to modernize your exterior, bring attention to your outdoor landscaping design, and add light to your living spaces. They’re fantastic for stunning city or coastal views.

Roof Windows

Who doesn’t want to gaze at the stars or look at passing clouds from indoors? Roof windows are ideal forrooms that need fresh air and natural light like attics and loft conversions.They don’t just add natural light; they also create the illusion of being part of an outdoor space. If you’re in Burleson,custom home builders offer designsthat will look great.

Arched Windows

Thesebest complementornate, architectural styles.They maximize light and create a dramatic focal point to any room. They’re also often matched with curved ceilings and traditionally inspired interior decors.In Cleburne,custom home builders know a lot about arched windows; with their help, you can achieve your desired look.

Slider Windows

Often used in modern and contemporary homes, slidersconsist of one or more movable panes that open via a sliding mechanism. Most are available of aluminum and uPVC.


Sidelites offer many advantages such as natural light, stunning views, and a balanced indoor-outdoor ambiance. They’re narrow, vertical windows usually placed next to a patio door. Most can be opened to allow fresh air to flow inside.

Transom Windows

From lighting a cozy corner to creating a sunlit space in an otherwise dark room, transomsare versatile solutions for houses with a modern or industrial design. They’re narrow and usually placed over a door or another window.

The windows mentioned above are just a few of the many styles you can incorporate in your renovation. If you need help designing and planning your interior in Burleson, custom home builders in this area offer a wide variety of amazing options that will perfectly suit your living space.

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