Explore The 70s Revolutionary Fashion Trend in Women

Today, the 70s fashion is making a comeback. The seventies fashion trend was totally different than the sixties. In the start, styles were flamboyant including extreme bright colors, long flowing skirts and pants in winter. In summer, ladies wore skin tight T-shirts and brief shorts. You can say, the 70s women fashion was revolutionary.

Explore the 70s revolutionary fashion trend in women

Casual flares

The 70s was zenith period for jeans. Everyone wore them all the time – at home, to the office or hanging around with friends. Blue jeans were comfortable, so everyone preferred to wear them. In 70s, the unique characteristic in jeans was tight and high waist with wide leg flared a lot or little. Flared and straight legs for pants were common, besides bell bottoms. Jeans got paired with polo shirts or snug and simple tops in solid bright colors and large collars.

In late 70s, the smock embroidered top. Crochet trim, loose peasant top, inset lace, crochet trim and neck ties got introduced in the trend. Hippie long tops with vivid patterns like chevron stripes, paisley, and ethnic designs got popular in early 70s.

Colored bells

Besides the blue colored denim jeans, flares, bell bottom and loons pant were available in subtle patterns and bright colors were included in casual outfits. Soft T-shirts with retro destinations and groovy slogans were in style and even popped up today. Even the short sleeve shirts with rainbow stripes, large collared polo shirt and crop tops are in fashion currently.

Wrap dresses

The wrap dress was created by Diane Von Furstenberg in the 70s. It was worn by socialites and stars but never found its way in the mainstream public. It has been revived multiple times and this year is back in style.

The 70s wrap dress is made from light jersey fabric that clings to her body with thin tie belt hardly held in place. The fabric had small ditsy or big floral prints. They would be knee length maxi dresses or button-down shirt dresses. This 70’s costume can make her look very pretty, casual, feminine and simple at a retro theme party.

Casual summer days

Hot waist shorts can be a good option to jeans on hot summer days. In mid 70s, low waist hot pants and classic shorts were the fashion. Paired with crochet crop or striped tank top offered summer retro style.


It was the disco era and everyone headed to a club at night to socialize as well as show their best clothes. Disco clothes range from shirts and jeans to jumpsuits to gold lame dresses. Jumpsuits attaches top and bottoms in same fabric. The 70s jumpsuit had bottoms in bell shape and colors were bold with big prints. On disco floor flashy was the mantra, which are available in Halloween costumes.

Maxi dress

Long maxi dress was another iconic style that are making heads turn even after five decades. The Edwardian style 70’s costume includes a lace trimmed ruffled hemline, puffy sleeves, along with an empire waistband. They can be fussy or simple with pastels or prints. Current Boho trend favors the maxi style summer dresses from fabric with white embroidery or ethnic prints.

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