Top Colors for Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

There’s a nip in the air as leaves start to change color, and nature braces for the harshness of winter. Fall is a beautiful time to celebrate a wedding, with the surroundings around you engulfed in earthy fall colors. Creating a wedding color scheme to complement the beautiful hues of autumn is fun and exciting! Bridesmaid outfits play a key role in tying together the color scheme for your wedding, and it’s no surprise that fall bridesmaid dresses come in varied hues and colors to suit the creative imagination of every bridal party. This article outlines top colors for fall bridesmaid dresses that’ll create a stunning wedding palette for your big day, and most importantly give your bridesmaids a happy smile!

Darker Tones

Fall is the perfect season to go with rich and saturated colors that complement the darker hues of Mother Nature at this time. Think of burgundy, plum, deep jewel tones of ruby red, emerald green and more. We’re all for creating a mix-matched color scheme for your bridal party that adds a fun element to fall dressing. This popular style blends in beautifully with rich colored bridesmaid dresses, making your bridal party look happening. Opt for dark and light shades of the same color to create an elegantly stylish look for your bridesmaids. If your bridesmaids are game, go bold and mix and match different colors, plum and emerald are two beautiful jewel tones that create magic when worn together.

Softer Hues

You can absolutely opt for softer hues for fall bridesmaid dresses. Neutral shades such as beige, ivory, blush are trendy shades that’ll create a stunning contrast against the backdrop of earthy autumn hues. An outdoor rustic themed wedding makes for the perfect setting for your bridesmaids to wear beautiful soft hued dresses. For an evening wedding reception, style neutral bridesmaid dresses with glitter and sequins to add the perfect glam quotient.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bridesmaid dresses in pastel hues such as powder pink, dusty blue, or mauve. These pretty pastels will set the tone for romantic wedding décor that’s accentuated with autumn wreaths and wild blooms.

Fall is the perfect time to celebrate a rustic wedding, and shopping for bridesmaid dresses to match the gorgeous scenery of autumn is fun and exciting. Visit or call us at Brideside to shop for fashionable fall bridesmaid dresses.

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