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Three Worthwhile Trade Careers

When looking into starting a career, an individual has many choices that are laid before them. There’s always the traditional route of college then moving on to your career, but many individuals are bucking tradition and looking into alternative choices as a path for them in life. One of the most popular of these choices is the enrollment in a trade school and a career as a trades person. Learning a trade can be a smart career move, as many trades are in high demand and low supply, meaning that the salary can be quite lucrative. This article will discuss three worthwhile trade careers for individuals looking to do something different and still earn a good living.

One popular trade that many individuals will seek as a career is the plumbing trade. The responsibilities and tasks associated with the plumbing field come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are commercial plumbers, freelance plumbers, plumbers that work specifically in certain aspects of the field and many others. This ability for change has allowed Plumbing to become a very popular career choice for individuals looking to do something useful that is not going anywhere anytime soon. On average, plumbers can easily bring in around $50,000 per year according to most reports, making the career a lucrative one.

Electricians are part of a field that is in high demand by many different companies and organizations. Electricians are paid very well for a job that is highly specialized and requires a lot of training and apprenticeship. Becoming an electrician can be an amazing chance for you to make a great salary as well as contribute useful tasks to a big picture item such as the construction of a building or the safety of a home’s wiring. On average, electricians can make anywhere from $45,000 per year to six figures per year depending on their level of training and experience.

Many people will often overlook the field of upholstery as a career path because it is a field that many individuals do not have a very large awareness of. Those who find work as an upholsterer are responsible for things such as the construction of seats, springs, fabric, and covers for furniture. Upholsterers can work in industries such as the automobile industry, airline industry and the marine industry. They can even work in the bedding industry, creating mattresses for consumers. There’s no shortage to the amount of work that an upholsterer can do when it comes to many different fields. Whether they are working on custom upholstery in NYC, or commercial upholstery in SF, upholsterers are in high demand as the trade is becoming something of a lost art in recent years. Whether working in SF or New York, upholstery is a career that can pay very well, with salaries ranging in the neighborhood of $20 to $25 per hour on the low end.

These three interesting and worthwhile trade careers can be a very unique and lucrative path for individuals looking to do something different in life rather than the traditional college and career experience. Whether entering the plumbing trade in San Diego, CA, becoming an electrician in Orlando, FL, or living in upholstery NYC, finding a worthwhile trade career can allow you to have a great quality of life while contributing to society and doing something different every day.

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