Ideas to Help Drive Safely when There is Heavy Downpour

Driving in the rain is quite challenging even a skilled driver as the visibility is quite low. You will not be able to drive confidently when it is pouring and unable to see the road and the surroundings clearly.

However, professional drivers do encourage novice drivers to drive smoothly when it rains by providing easy to follow tips. With driving lessons Keilor Downs, you can understand the right ways to adapt when the sky is dark and it is raining cats and dogs. The instructors in the well acclaimed driving classes have years of experience in training fresh drivers to drive vehicles in any adverse situations.

Here are few tips given by them to drive safely when it rains:

  • Keep your headlights on.
    • It will help in clear visibility for you to drive safe.
    • It even helps other drivers to identify your vehicle shape and size to maintain distance.
  • Defogging your window screen is a must.
    • Wiping again and again helps to gain visibility of the road and other vehicles.
    • If your wipers don’t work, it is advisable not to drive the vehicle even while it is drizzling.
    • Turning on your vehicle’s air condition does help to reduce fogging up of vehicle’s window screen.
  • You can follow the same track of the car or vehicle ahead of you, but maintain more distance.
    • It helps in driving smoothly as you can understand the bumps and pits ahead of you and won’t have to worry about any other vehicle coming from the opposite direction unable to see your vehicle.
    • Keenly look on while they apply brakes for avoiding bumping over their vehicle.
    • Maintaining more distance help avoid water splashing by heavy vehicles.
  • Try to apply brake earlier than normal times and slowly.
    • No instant brakes as the vehicle may skid, thus avoid braking at the last minute.
    • You need to even turn on your indicator earlier than usual for other drivers to know your intention clearly.
  • It will be safe to avoid roads that have grave pits and big size puddles.
  • You need to avoid passing while it is pouring heavily.
    • Many drivers do as they are getting late for their work or appointments. It will be helpful to start early when it is raining.
  • Have modern equipment like traction and stability controller fixed in your vehicle.
    • It will surely help not the vehicle to skid while applying brake. The stability control is sure to help reduce the speed of the vehicle while applying brake and reduce the engine power.
  • Need to practice aquaplaning.
    • It happens when water accumulates in front more than your car can push. The water pressure can rise up the car wheels from the road. To be safe, you just need to remove your feet from the accelerator and brake gently.
    • Do have anti lock brakes to drive safely during heavy pour.
    • In older models of vehicle, the experienced drivers do light pumping action that helps the car not to skid.

Hope these tips help you greatly for safe driving through nonstop rains.

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