5 Facts about UCF That You Should Know

There are many students who are still proud to be a student of this University of Central Florida, in spite of the fact that their football team is not performing too well and they are in the bottom of the list.

However, students are still preferring to remain as the student of this university and proud to be UCF knight. Also, most of them feel that there are few random facts that are not very well known to all students, who are studying in the university.

Therefore, on behalf of all the UCF Knights, we are presenting few random facts about this university that all UCF students must be aware of, which are as follows.

  • UCF has already gone through 4 different mascots

All the students who are the fellow knights must know that before Knightro mascot came into existence, there were already three different mascots in the UCF.

The first mascot was “Citronaut” in 1969 however it was not liked by most of the students of that time. “Vincent the Vulture” was the counter mascot suggested by the students.

This was inspired by all vultures present in the campus. The argument about Citronaut and Vulture continued for more than a year, until President Millican intervened to offer solution.

Certain nickname was required for the young football team and the term “knights” was created.

The next mascot was “Sir Wins A Lot”, but was retired eventually for actual horse and its rider. Thereafter another mascot with dragon theme – Puff was introduced.  After Puff and Mack and Knight was introduced during 25th UCF anniversary.

Finally, in 1994, Knightro became the current mascot of the UCF, till today the same mascot continues.

  • UCF has students from almost every county of Florida.

UCF is proud to have 60,000+ students, and also an example of diversity, as this is one of the schools which have students from almost every county of Florida, which is really impressive.

UCF transfer requirements can also be seen from their website.

  • UCF manages more than 500 acres land for conservation

You may check this out, in order to confirm that the arboretum, which is near Garage-C and also walk the trails. You will find it very peaceful, which is pretty cool that UCF is conserving the entire area.

Many people also burn their calories by walking on these trails.

  • The legend of “Pegasus Seal”

It is clearly known to every student that if you ever step on the Student Union seal, while you are undergraduate student, then you cannot be graduate.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you never step into that seal. It is always better to remain on safer side.

However, you can always step on this seal to take your awesome photographs of graduation. This seal is considered very sacred, hence ensure that you respect it and offer highest regard!

  • Founding date of UCF is 10th June, 1963

UCF was founded as Florida Technological University on 10th June 1963. However, the university was opened in the year 1968. This FTU was then renamed as University of Central Florida in 1978.

Our school is just 52 years old, and we are among the youngest universities of this Florida state.

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