Top Reasons to Install Geothermal Heat Pump System

When you are in the market to choose a replacement for your current heat pump or install a new system, then you will need to consider a few factors.

  • Does the potential system offer heating and cooling?
  • How much is the overall installation cost of this new system?
  • How much will I save on the heating and cooling bills with this new system?

Geothermal heat pumps have scored well in each of the above factors. If you are still in doubt, then read further.

How geothermal heat pumps function?

Visit to learn in detail how the geothermal pump looks and works. It does not function like the traditional furnace. There is no fuel, no burning, and no combustion. Heat pump just moves the heat from one end to another. Mini-splits and the air-to-air units move heat from outdoor to indoor.

Geothermal units move heat from a warmer and stable heat source that is from the underground.

  • Heat gets absorbed from the underground through the loop field [heat exchange system]
  • Plastic pipe network is buried in the ground and is called the loop field. There is an anti-freeze circulating inside these loops.
  • Refrigerating loops below the ground temperature allows the liquid to absorb free heat from the surrounding and transport it.
  • The heat pump transfers this heat inside your home through the refrigeration circuit. It gets distributed around via ductwork, hot water, and in-floor heat.

In summer, the process of the geothermal heat pump gets reversed. The heat from the house is collected and distributed underground. Thus, you feel cool inside the house.

It is an ecofriendly way because the geothermal heat pumps tap the renewable heat source to keep your home warm in winter and vice versa.

Reasons to install a geothermal heat pump system

  • Installation is expensive but the cost gets covered very soon
  • System saves 40% to 70% of energy every year.
  • More durable than the traditional HVAC system. A geothermal system stays effective for 50 years but the traditional heating and cooling system runs for 8 to 9 years.
  • No or negligible maintenance.
  • No combustion, so the discharge of carbon gases gets trimmed down, which makes them an eco-friendly option.
  • Function silently in the background, so it can be installed comfortably near your home.
  • As everything lies underground [pipe loops] there is no decrease in the exterior aesthetics of your house.
  • De-super heaters can be used to heat or cool water.
  • Floors can be heated with a geothermal heat pump system.
  • Ductwork can be used to maintain comfortable temperatures and humidity all year round.

Ground-based system’s efficiency is 200X more than a heating furnace and 400X more than air conditioners. To generate 12, 000 BTU the unit needs 1KW/h power, whereas other regular systems need 2.3 KW/h [to generate the same amount of energy].

Will a geothermal system keep the interiors comfortable?

The temperature of heat is uniform than electric or oil produced heat. It means there will be no cold or hot spots inside the house. As heat is abundant, you will enjoy a lot in winter without a need for a backup system. Even in summer, there will be no need for another air conditioner to keep the interiors cool.

Choose this notoriously reliable geothermal heat pump and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above!

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