What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Keloids

Keloids are characterized as a form of an elevated scar. It occurs where the skin heals post an injury. Keloids can grow larger in size as compared to the injury that caused it. Keloids can be caused by several things such as burn, severe acne, cut, body piercing, a tattoo, etc. It can take three months or more to develop after when your skin gets injured.

This post will give you a detailed explanation of the symptoms and causes of it.

What type of skin injuries can result to a keloid?

Some of them being are: cuts, puncture, wounds, severe acne, chickenpox, insect bites, surgical scars, injection sites, tattoos and piercings. Arviv aesthetics is one of the prominent clinics in the world.  It provides a team of highly experienced and certified surgeons and doctors to perform keloid removal surgery.

Signs when you develop a scar

There are some people who are more susceptible to occurrence of a scar. These signs are:

  • You are black, Asian or Latino.
  • You are below thirty years of age.
  • You are a pregnant lady.
  • A teenager in her / his puberty years.
  • Having a hereditary of keloids
  • People with darker skin tone are 15% – 20% more prone to develop keloids.

Causes of keloids

Once your skin gets injured, your cells work towards its healing it by formation of a scar. In some people, this scar tissue keeps forming for a long time once the wound heals. The extra tissue of scar leads to an elevated skin. This is referred to as a keloid.

Symptoms of keloids

There are several characteristics of keloids:

  • Appear and develop slowly

It can nearly three months to a year to see visible signs of a keloid. For proper growth of it requires a few weeks to even months. Sometimes they grow at a very slow speed for several years.

Keloids emerge in pink color that later develops into red or purplish scar. Its color darkens with time. It looks very different from the rest of the skin. Some of the keloids feel doughy and soft whereas they are rubbery and hard.

  • Cause pain, tenderness and itching

When keloids begin to grow, some of the keloids get itchy, painful or tender to touch. All these symptoms are no longer visible after proper growth of keloid.

  • Grows on any part of the body

There is no restriction to the growth of keloids. They can develop on any region of your body. Some of the common areas where you will find them are on the neck, chest, shoulders, ears and back. A typical keloid is of the size less than an inch. It can also go up to 12 inches or more.

Treatment of keloids

Some of the types of treatments that are adopted for curing keloids are:

  • Corticosteroid shots
  • Freezing the scar
  • Wearing silicone sheets
  • Laser therapy
  • Surgical removal
  • Pressure treatment


If you can relate to any of the symptoms of keloids, then it is needed that you take help of an experienced surgeon to treat it at the earliest.

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