What Are the Most Common Problems That You May Encounter with Furnace?

Gas furnaces are one of the important appliances of the household that can keep your home warm during cold winter. Furnace will heat by taking in the cold air, clean it with air filter, heat it up with gas burner, and will distribute the warm air in the duct of your home with blower motor.

As the warm air will cool down, it will return to the furnace through the return air grills.

Following are few furnace problems that you may face in Salt Lake City:

Lack of regular preventive maintenance

For any kind of machinery like furnace, preventive maintenance is extremely important to get uninterrupted service. Neglecting to check the furnace regularly can breed more faults and eventually reduce its lifespan.

Few parts like air filters must be regularly cleaned or replaced. Failing to do this may result in severe damage. You must hire suitable HVAC person to avoid frequent furnace repair Salt Lake City.

No heat or insufficient heat

If the furnace doesn’t heat properly during cold season then it can be a significant problem for the household. The reasons for insufficient heat can be due to many numbers of reasons.

The solution for every problem can be different and many people often try to troubleshoot few simple problems all by themselves.

However, if the problem appears to be much complicated then it is better to take help from HVAC professionals.

Thermostat problems

Often furnace problems are due to faulty thermostat and that can create number of problems like:

  • Producing no heat
  • Too much temperature swing
  • Fan problems
  • Frequent cycling between “on” and “off” mode

Answer to thermostat problem can often be resolved by simply replacing the battery.

While replacing thermostat you must remember that its type must be properly matched. Replacing with wrong type of thermostat may cause many other problems too.

Noisy furnaces

If your furnace is making too much disturbing and loud sound then it indicates that something is wrong with the appliance. Following few can be the reason for such problem:

  • Airflow reduction
  • Mechanical problem
  • Clogged burner
  • Fan problem

If you notice any abnormal sound then don’t ignore and postpone to look for the solution, as prolonged noise may result in many long-term issues.

Non-functioning pilot light of furnace

The pilot light problem is the indication about flowing gas in tube. Usually, ignition problems should be better allowed to be handled by HVAC service professional.

Non-functioning pilot lamp indicates that there may be gas leak. In case, you can smell very strong gas odor during checking of the furnace or if you smell propane near floor, then you should immediately leave whole place and try to report to your propane dealer.

Rusted heat exchanger

Check regularly your heat exchanger to see when it starts rusting. Your rusted heat exchangers can be dangerous and can produce carbon monoxide. Breathing such gas may cause headache, vomiting, dizziness and nausea.

For high level of gas, it may lead to severe symptoms like unconsciousness and sometimes even death too.

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