4 Tips and Tricks to Learn a New Accounting Software

It can seem overwhelming to have to use an accounting program for the first time or change to new accounting software. But don’t worry, the end result will be much, much better! Great accounting programs make daily life at your company easier and provide support for all your financial transactions. As you dive into the accounting software program, there are a few tricks to get you using it to its full potential as quickly as possible.


As soon as you can, get into the accounting software and start exploring. Look at all your menu options and navigation. What does this product have to offer? Click through process and procedures to see how much easier they become when tied to one of the best accounting software programs.

Take Notes

Don’t be afraid to take old fashioned notes when learning something new. If someone else is teaching you about the new software, make note of how they do certain activities. For example, write down step by step how they reconcile the business checking account at the end of the month so you can follow these steps on your own next time.

Ask Questions

If you are lucky enough to have someone teach you about the accounting program, ask them as many questions as you can. If you are learning it on your own, keep a notebook nearby to write down questions or concerns. Any unresolved questions after a few days should be asked to an accounting professional that also uses the same accounting system.

Be Resourceful

Many accounting software programs are built with help buttons and informational pages. That being said, if you have a problem or can’t find a certain function, help isn’t ever too far away. And don’t forget that Google and YouTube can also be helpful resources when trying to figure out the functions of a software program. It’s likely other people have had, and solved, the same problem and the answer is available to you somewhere else on the internet.

The more you can learn about your accounting software, the more benefits it can bring your business. As you learn remember to explore first, take detailed notes, ask all your questions, and be resourceful as you work through the program. These tricks can help deepen your understanding and ensure that your software is working as hard as it can for your company.

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