What Is the Right Way to Revise for The Driving Theory Test?

Before getting eligible for the practical test of driving, it is very important to pass the driving theory test successfully. To increase your chances of passing the driving theoretical test, you will need to be better prepared before appearing for it. Revising the course content is a very important part of the preparation. We will now see the right way to revise for the test to give your best performance in the test.

Revising for multiple choice questions

The UK driving theory test comprises of two parts. The first part comprises of 50 multiple choice questions and the second part has 75 questions related to hazard perception. You will be required to revise each of these parts differently.

The multiple-choice section comprises of questions that access the knowledge of a student related to the highway code. On the other hand, a hazard perception identifies the ability to identify threats and risks on road in real life cases. The questions asked in this test cover the below mentioned topics:

  • Alertness
  • Safety of you and your vehicle
  • Attitude
  • Hazard awareness
  • Safety margins
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Knowledge about other vehicle types
  • Road conditions
  • Vehicle handling
  • Rules of the road
  • Motorway driving
  • Road signs
  • Traffic signs
  • Essential documents
  • Incidents, emergencies and accidents
  • Vehicle loading

Revising for hazard perception

After having successfully passed in the first section of theory test, a candidate becomes eligible to take the second and the last part of this test. This is the hazard perception section. It is different from multiple-choice section.

Here the candidate will be provided with several short clips that contain hazards that a driver can come across in real-life scenarios. It is required to spot these potential hazards. This test comprises of 75 questions, out of which a candidate has to secure 44 to pass the test.

Practicing driving lessons will surely assist a candidate in successfully passing this test. A hazard can be present in the question in a variety of forms. If the scene shown in the question is of an urban environment, then watch out for hazards related to cars, cyclists, buses, etc. whereas if the scene provided is of a rural environment, then look of hazards related to animals, slow moving vehicles, walkers and a few more.

What is the importance of a mock test?

It is essential for a student who is appearing for a theory driving test to be acquainted with the timing and structure of the exam. To prevent getting overwhelmed, it is important to take mock tests. There are several of them available for free online.

The more you practice with these dummy practice tests, the more it will increase your chances of passing the test. There are several mock tests available on the DVSA website where you will get several multiple-choice questions and hazard perception questions to practice.


All the above information and tips will help you prepare for the test in the best way.

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