Down to a Tee: Getting the Perfect Shirt Size Online

Stoner culture apparel has been around for decades. In recent years, the majority has been sold online to support the advocacy of reforming laws on cannabis use. However, finding that blazin’ shirt online can be a gamble. Why? Because you can’t try it on! While there are some universal sizing, it’s nearly impossible to guesstimate your perfect fit.

To help you grab the right t-shirt size every time, here are a few things you can do before buying online:

Measure Your Favorite Clothes

The easiest way to estimate your shirt size is by taking a look at the labels of clothing you already own. Better yet, check the stoner culture clothing items you already own, sometimes they use the same companies and distributors. Check their measurements and match them up to the sizing guide on the shop’s website.

Measure Yourself

Your body can change a lot within a year. Even if you have the measurements of shirts in your wardrobe, they may not be helpful if you’ve lost or gained some weight. It’s best that you get your exact measurements to make sure that whatever you buy fits you perfectly. Here are four important areas you should measure to know which size is best:

  • Neck Girth – Getting its measurement ensures that the collar fits just right and doesn’t restrict you in any way.
  • Arm Length and Circumference – Especially important when dealing with sleeves, you don’t want them too tight or too long.
  • Chest Size – A shirt that’s too tight-fitting can feeluncomfortable, and irritating.
  • Upper Body Length – Too short or too long can distort your bodily proportions, which isn’t ideal when you want to flaunt your form.

Locate the Store’s Sizing Guide

Sizes vary between different brands, so you might notice that even though two shirts have the same dimensions, they may have different sizing labels. It’s best to use the shop’s sizing guides to aid you in finding tees that match your true size. Nearly every online clothing store offers one because you can’t try their apparel on in person.

With all of this in mind, you can shop for stoner culture apparel online with ease. You can save a lot of time and cash when shopping on the web, but only if you know the right sizes to nab every time.

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