Electronic Hotel Locks

What Types of Electronic Hotel Locks You Can Find in The Market?

There are basically two main types of hotel door locks that are sold in the present market. These are normal or conventional hotel door lock and electronic or professional hotel door lock. This post will brief you about the features and utilities of these locks so that you can make an effective decision.

Advantages of a hotel door locking system

Some of the reasons why you should choose a hotel door locking system are as follows:

  • Using a hotel door locking system, it makes it easier for a hotel to manage the keys of hotel rooms efficiently.
  • Safety is the biggest benefit that you get by installing electronic hotel door locking system. These locks are seen to be far safer as compared to the mechanical key locks.
  • Convenience is another attribute that comes with an electronic hotel door locking system. A key card makes it easy for hotel guests to register for a loss. It only takes a few seconds to get verified on an electronic lock. This is a lot faster when compared with a mechanical key.

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Normal Hotel Door Locks

  • These hotel door locks are very ancient and the commonest among people. They have been there in the market since a millennium.
  • They only provide fundamental features and function to the users. That includes key card function. If you are looking for additional security features, then you need to consider electronic locks that come with innovative technology features like remote controlling and sensors, etc.
  • The key card used in these locks is Magstripe card, 13.56MHz RFID card or 125 KHz RF card.
  • One can find normal hotel door locks in several styles, appearance and colors to choose from.

Electronic hotel locks (Professional)

Professional level hotel door locking system is the latest introduction in the field of room locks. These locks address all the drawbacks of a normal door lock and add some additional technological features to fulfill the demands of modern hotels. Not just these door locks look appealing but they also provide the best level of functionality to users.

The Pro level electronic hotel door locks are based on the improved functionality of card system. These locks come with seven type of configure function cards and access function cards for day to day use in hotel. High performance and storage batteries in these locks eliminate the need of its quick replacement.

These locks are manufactured keeping in mind each and every detail of a professional level of hotel door lock that satisfies the needs of a modern hotel. It makes everything stylish, convenient and affordable. The key cards built into these locks are of 13.56 MHz card, or 125 KHz card or Magstripe card.


Choosing the right door lock for your hotel room between these two can be difficult without proper knowledge. The above information will ease your decision-making process.

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