Your Complete Guide on Outfit, Makeup and Hair for Halloween Party

If your theme is roaring 1920’s, then your outfit, makeup and hair should be like that. Jazz music, wild parties, nightclubs and glitzy style and loose flappers are some of the things that characterize a Halloween party for 1920s. Men in 1920 are loved to dress in bold colors and casual attire for outings and parties. We have come up with a detailed list to help you make it a perfect Halloween party.

Go for loose, and shapeless outfits

This tip is for women to dress in the style of 1920s. 20s outfits are easy to slip out and in without much assistance from maids. This style not just relieved women from taking help of their maids but also helped them with ease of movement. This is a need when women started to take on a lot of roles that men used to perform earlier.

Look for glitz and frills that accent movement

The roaring 1920s is characterized by the Jazz age. Young people used to frequently go to Jazz clubs to perform wild and athletic steps to the latest beats of Jazz music. So, when you dressing for the Halloween party with 1920’s theme choose flappers, accessories and dresses that would showcase the dancing prowess. This includes long pearls strings swinging back and forth, to dresses with frills and tassels.

Choose Knee-length hems

The 1920s was a unique period as it challenged several of the prevailing social norms in the society that were placed before the occurrence of the war. By wearing 20s outfits, women started to push the limitations of modesty and started wearing knee-length dresses with hemlines.

Pick 1920′ style of Headwear and footwears

Headwear was an important accessory that women in 1920’s wore to show short hairstyle. This headwear was round shaped hats. Footwear mostly included short sized heels near about two to three inches.

Tips for men’s dressing for the 1920’s Halloween party

Choose less formal attire

Look for vests and suspenders. Men in 1920 have dressed very pleasingly even if they were not attending any formal event. Men in those times loved to play a sport or do something athletic. They were seen wearing suspenders, white button-down and slacks. Bowties and Vests were a great addition to keep their outfit looking simple and classy.

When dressing for formal clothing

Men in 1920’s were fond of wearing plaid or pin-striped suits or the ones with striking solid colors. Their suits got louder and attention grabbing. Solid white colored suits were accented with bright colored red and pink ties.

Men’s footwear and headgear for 1920’s Halloween party

Footwear was a basic dress shoe. For headgear, it was observed that men in 1920’s mostly wore cabbie caps and fedoras that matched precisely with their suits.


As the Halloween party is nearing, you must be excited about what to wear, how to makeup and what hairstyle should you choose for the event. All of them are very important considerations for any Halloween party. All the above tips will definitely prepare you for the perfect 1920’s Halloween party.

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