Best Electric Dryers of 2019

Every laundry room needs a dryer. A laundry room essential, dryer is one of the most frequently bought home appliance. When buying a dryer it’s important to consider some important aspects, including the size of the dryer (should fit your laundry room comfortably), capacity, gas or electric powered, budget, energy efficiency, and more. A dryer is an expensive purchase, and like all home appliances you’d want it to serve you for an extended time. Here, we give you a list of top electric dryers of 2019 to make your shopping easy. We’ve listed the best features of each of these top-rated dryers to help you make an informed choice.

Amana 6.5 Cu. Ft Electric Dryer

Great for those looking to buy a quality electric dryer at a great price, the Amana Dryer has all the basic functionalities to do the job well. It offers 11 dry cycles and has an automatic dryness control option so your clothes are dried perfectly. The automatic dryness control feature makes this dryer energy efficient and prevents over drying. Ideal for busy families that don’t have time to fold right away, the Amana dryer includes a Wrinkle Prevent Feature. When you use this option, the dryer tumbles clothes intermittently without heat to prevent dried clothes from getting wrinkled.

Maytag White Electric Dryer

Looking for a reliable dryer that can handle large loads? The Maytag Electric Dryer with a capacity of 7.4 cu. Ft. is a great option for you. This dryer is equipped with strong parts and powerful drying cycles that dry large and tough laundry loads evenly. Delivering high-performance, the Maytag Electric Dryer also features a Rapid Dry Cycle feature if you want to dry a smaller load in quicker time. The Wrinkle Prevention Feature tumbles your clothes intermittently for up to 150 minutes after the cycle has ended, which prevents wrinkles and crinkles from settling in. For those looking for something extra in a dryer, this appliance comes with a Sanitize Cycle that eliminates up to 99.9% of three common household bacteria in the dryer.

GE Front Loading Electric Dryer

Offering great value for money, the GE Front Loading Electric Dryer has a large capacity of 7.2 cu. Ft. This dryer features a Sensor Dry option that dries clothes perfectly. Equipped with dual thermistors that continually monitor temperature, this dryer controls moisture to prevent over-drying. It also comes with an Extended Tumble option that tumbles dried clothes periodically for up to 8 hours after the drying cycle ends. This prevents dried clothes from getting wrinkled if you’re not able to get to them immediately after the drying cycle ends.

Buying the right dryer ensures that your laundry room functions at its best. Get in touch with a specialty electronics dealer to check out the best electric dryers that can serve your laundry needs.

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