4 Types of Waste Plumbing Fixtures

A plumbing fixture is an external component or a device of a plumbing system that’s used to channel matter, usually liquid. During your home’s construction, providers of plumbing services in Brisbane install 2 types of fixtures: supply and waste. A supply fixture brings water inside, whilea waste fixture clears out the excess or unwanted liquid.

Waste fixtures are permanently connected to pipes and usually lead to a sewage system. They’re installed in the direction where the supply brings water as the means to discharge used liquids. To understand them better, here are the 4common types.


Foundin your kitchen, bathroom, or gutters, a drain leads the unwanted water or liquid to a sewer, a storm water main, or a receptacle for recycling. Securely placing drains under toilets or sinks is a typical part of installation plumbing services in Brisbane, CA. They come with strainers to avoid solid pieces from entering the system.


A trap is found either inside or outside of a drain. It’s commonly found in bidets, water closets, and urinals and has a “U” shape to entrap water inside to create a liquid seal. This seal prevents foul-smelling, sewage gas from entering your home by separating the kitchen or bathroom from the pipes further in the drainage system.


Found beyond the trap and leading outdoors is the venting system. Usually, the exit point is near the roof. Their purpose is to lead sewer gases out of the house. Additionally, they admit oxygen into the system allowing for waste digestion, as well as equalizing trap pressure.

Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is used to grind and clear away waste.Being installed in the drainage system of kitchen sinks, it works with a small chamber that contains whirling blades under the sink’s drain. The blades mince waste like coffee beans, fruits, and meat into small particlesbefore they’re flushed with the goal of preventing clogs.

Waste fixtures are a part of a functional plumbing system. The drains discharge liquids, the traps hold the water inside to prevent unwanted gas from entering,the vents project the unwanted gas outside where it belongs, and the garbage disposal grinds solid objects to prevent clogging in the pipes. To learn more, reach out to a provider of plumbing services in Brisbane.

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