Know About The Benefits Of Becoming A Notary Public

The notary public is an instrument of the State to curb fraud and forgery in documents submitted to the Government. They serve both the public and the Government.  Also, notary is expected to witness signing of documents. Florida is one of the three states, where a notary can solemnize a marriage.

To become a notary in Florida, there are specific steps to follow to get a notary commission from the state. It includes a three-hour State-approved course and a $7500 bond. Notaries are most sought after in banks, legal firms, insurance companies and government establishments. There are many attractive benefits in becoming a notary.

To make extra income

Even though, notary is appointed by the Government, the fees charged for each notarization, solely goes to the notary itself. But, the fees that you can charge depend upon the laws of your state. For notary works like, affirmation, acknowledgement or attestation, a maximum fee is decided by the state. For example, in Florida it takes $10 to witness a signing and $30 for solemnizing a marriage.

An added skill set in your resume

A notary is in high demand in almost every sector – legal, insurance, Government, medical, technology etc.. Being a licensed notary will make you stand out of the crowd. Also, this extra certification will make you sought after in many fields. Many companies prefer to have in-house notaries. This will give them higher productivity and customer satisfaction. This will increase your value in the company.

A flexible working schedule

You can schedule your own working hours. Generally, clients prefer to do the notarization after their normal business hours, especially in the evenings. So, this is a great opportunity for part-time job options. You can also use the mobile notary for a fluid movement of your services for the clients. This work is highly suitable for moonlighters, stay-at-home mothers or those who prefer to work from home.

Job options

There are plenty of job opportunities for notaries. Notaries are most sought after by legal offices followed by the administrative offices in construction, insurance, financial and Government offices. There is high job stability as a notary. No matter how the economy turns out to be, there will always be papers and documents to sign and authorize.

Contribution to community

By being a notary, you are contributing to the betterment of your state, as a law-abiding citizen. Notaries are famous for helping people in need. As a community-loving individual, your passion in this job, can put smiles on innumerable faces. Many notary services are required for the weaker sections of the society – aged people, homeless, disabled and veterans. Also, this will help a long way for students, from a economically weaker background.


A great way to market your services is by providing low-cost services to community centers, retirement homes and college campuses. This is a proven networking technique.  Your knowledge and integrity at work, will positively affect lives of many. Being a notary also enhances your public image.

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